Climate-smart meets kitchen smart

We are stepping into the plant-based world with a brand new product line. Versatile, climate-smart and tasty. For everyone – and almost everything.

Towards a climate friendly future

At Kalino, we are aware that plant-based food will be as natural an alternative on the plate as animalistic is today. In 2019 we launched a completely new plant-based product range, based on broad beans. Together with professional chefs, we developed sustainable recipes that are also adapted for Mashie. The products are named exactly what they are Ärt & Bondböna (Pea & Broad Bean).

Plenty of goodies – No weirdness

Ärt & Bondböna is a protein-rich dry product, free of allergens, gluten, lactose and other additives. It contains only three ingredients yellow pea, broad bean and a little salt.

Several sizes – many possibilities

Ärt & Bondböna is available in four different forms for different use: minced meat pieces, finely chopped, cereals and pieces. The minced meat pieces are the smallest and the pieces largest.

Many possibilities – from soup to bread

Ärt & Bondböna could be used for stews, soups, lasagna, steaks and other minced dishes. As baking soft cakes, breads and croutons. Try the possibilities yourself!

Kalino Play

See the possibilities. At Kalino Play, professional chefs showcase the products and how they can be used for exciting sustainable taste experiences.

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