Kalino has more than 40 years of experience supplying wholesalers, production companies and retailers with first-rate food products. Today, we are both a solid everyday supplier and an innovative partner to customers who want to develop their range.


Our broad range of products consists of selected cuts and raw produce from EU-approved slaughterhouses.


Products to upgrade your frozen range and add spice to smart everyday meals.

Food service

Smart, prepared, quality ingredients, from salad chicken to vegetarian, with the focus on taste, quality and consistency.

Climate-smart and tasty for everyone

We are stepping into the plant-based world with a brand new product line. Versatile, climate-smart and tasty. For everyone – and almost everything.

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Welcome to Kalino

Our office is located in the heart of Malmö city center; close to the world, our customers and suppliers. Our excellent location close to Denmark, makes it easy for us to work with the entire Nordic region.

We are happy to visit

We are happy to help you develop your range. The best way to start is usually to invite us. By looking in your freezer and seeing your everyday business, we can get a good picture of your needs and potential.